Importance of a Video!

One of the main reason why majority of ad campaigns fail is of the fact that they don’t have videos either in the advertisement or on the landing video. Well I come across so many ads on Facebook & LinkedIn but never find a potential video advertisement that make you to click the ad and take their desired action. 

Let’s focus on what can be done do eliminate that problem if you want your target audience to actually click the advertisement. Actually companies are missing the real trick every time. They spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to create a video. But what they actually miss is to demonstrate the core values of the product. They need to understand something that people never buy a product or service they buy what they can do with that product or service or what type of impact that is giving in their lives or business. 

A video with a Real Life Example with showing emotions in it, catches all the attention in the world. Samsung and Google are two of the best companies when it comes down to showing values and not demonstrating the features of the product. Same is the gateway to selling high ticket products too. 

No matter how high end your product or service is there’s always a chance to stand out as the best. If you have the ability to create video that only describes the true need of it, that’s where you stand out the most. Never focus on features or the quality of the product. No matter if you are a startup or a well established company, a video changes everything for a company. A great video can make startup successful and a bad video can make even a well established company down on sales.

Always understand your customer’s need and deliver them in the best way possible. Demonstrate a video with real life people with real time examples that solves people’s particular problem then they would definitely buy it from you.

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