Q: Why You Need to Consistently Create Content?

Content creation is the essential part of being an influencer. Content needs to bring real value to your viewers.

Value: Being able to provide the resources/information that will leave the viewer better off from before they viewed your content.

Here is a brief overview of how it works:

Step 1) Create valuable content

Step 2) Engage with current followers
Step 3) Content naturally attracts new followers
Step 4) Drives traffic to your product/service

Twitter Influencer Success (Q&A)

Q: How much time should you be engaging on Twitter?

A: 1-2 hours per day of tweeting, replying, DMing, retweeting, liking.

Q: How do I know where to start?

A: Find a Twitter influencer and model yourself after him/her.

Q: How do I know what is relevant to talk about?

A: Check what’s trending on Twitter that is relevant to you and start engaging!

Q: What kind of content drives the most traffic to foundational platforms?

A: Videos and articles garner immense traction on Twitter.

Facebook Influencer Success (Q&A)

Q: If Facebook engagement is going down for business, why is it a good time for me to get started?

A: Because you are a real person! Both your personal page and the business page will drive traffic and create engagement for you. Remember, people influence people.

Q: What makes Facebook so effective?

A: It has all the capabilities of other social platforms placed into 1. (Engagement like Twitter, Videos like YouTube, pictures like Instagram)

Q: Isn’t Facebook too old, it seems like everyone is on Instagram.

A: Facebook is consistently innovating to keep their platform fresh and engaging. Get ready for a big push into video from Facebook.

Q: How can a blog and a video both gain virality on Facebook?

A: Facebook’s platform is built to publish all forms of content and has 2 billion monthly users which gives each kind of content a large enough audience to engage with.

Q: When will Facebook rollout their changes to make it more “people to people” based?

A: There is no specific date labeled yet, but they have announced that on May 25, 2018 their advertising rules will change in favor of the people. That will be the starting point of Facebook’s big changes.

Instagram Influencer Success (Q&A)

Q: How do you engage on Instagram and build a following?

A: Hashtags. Search hashtags in your niche and begin to like, comment, DM, and converse with those accounts in your niche. For example, if you are trying to be a fitness influencer, search up the hashtag #fitness, find other influencers in your niche send them a message saying:
“Hey (name)
You’re doing some awesome things as an influencer, I made this graphic for you.
Hope you like it!”
20-30% of people will reply to you thanking you and following you back. Do this enough and you’ll start to get your name out there.

Q: How much time should I be engaging on Instagram per day?

A: 1-2 hours

Q: What’s the most effective way of engaging?

A: Commenting or DMing will get you noticed far more than just liking someone’s post.

Q: How can I drive traffic to my YouTube Channel?

A: Cut and paste the best 30 second snippets of your YouTube video and post it on Instagram. In the caption, simply write: Link in bio (Put your YouTube link in the bio)

Q: How many times per day should I be posting on Instagram?

A: Post on the feed once per day but post on your story consistently throughout the day (4-5 times minimum)

Q: How can I grow my reach with Instagram posts?

A: Targeted hashtags within your niche. Make sure to make a list of 30 hashtags before you post and include them in your caption.

Q: Instagram is not searchable content yet there are so many paid Instagram influencers out there, how is this possible?

A: Most Instagram influencers have a YouTube page, podcast, or blog that they drive traffic to. The one’s who are strictly on Instagram are leaving themselves vulnerable to any algorithm changes made by Instagram that are not in their favor.

Q: I do not have the looks and body of these Instagram influencers, can I still make it?

A: Unless you are focussed on the fitness industry, then the way you look holds very little impact. People will follow you for the value and charisma you bring. If you focus on those two things, you have nothing else to worry about.